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Legal Collections

All accounts are first scrutinised by our internal legal department before being handed over to one of our attorneys. Cases are individually accessed on merit before proceeding with any action, cases that do not warrant legal action are returned to our clients at no cost

Our attorneys receive accounts through are debt management software making legal handovers fast and efficient.  All matters are first reviewed by an attorney and the debtor is then given a final courtesy call to resolve the matter.

    • Matters are first resolved by why of arbitration before instituting legal action.
    • Our attorneys are skilled settlement negotiators.
    • Experts in contract law and commercial litigation. 

Legal process includes

    • Summons
    • Default Judgment
    • Warrant of Execution
    • Emoluments attachment orders 

Field Agents (Section 57/58)

Our attorneys also specialize in obtaining emoluments attachment orders through the use of registered field agents.

    • Capable field agents are used to visit debtors and obtain their signature on section 57/58 documents.
    • A Section 58 judgment is granted and an emoluments attachment order is issued simultaneously and implemented against the debtor’s salary.

If it’s collectable, we will collect it!

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