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Consumer Debt Collection

Consumer debt is on the rise in South Africa with many consumers failing to settle their debts on time leaving businesses with a cash flow crisis. Consumer debt is our core debt collection service and our mission is to maximise our client’s cash flow by reducing their bad debtor’s books and increasing bad debt recoveries through providing a professional collection and debt management service.

Our Solution

State of the art debt management system:

With a state of the art debt management system our collections call centre has the capacity of handling large volumes of debtors on a daily basis. Workflows are streamlined to maximise collection rates and functions like sending SMS’s and letters are automated.

Our staff

We believe our staff is our biggest asset and that’s why we ensure that all our collectors are proficiently trained in persuasive communication techniques, negotiation skills, dispute resolution and dealing with troublesome debtors.

Also knowledgeable on:

    • National Credit Act of South Africa
    • Debt Collectors Act, 1998 (ACT NO: 114 of 1998): Code of Conduct

Payment methods

    • Debit order:  As few debtors can afford to settle the debt at once, our debit order facilities afford the debtor the opportunity to pay us in monthly instalments. This in turn ensures regular and problem free instalments.

Thanks to PAYM8 Secure our NAEDO debit order management system, we have been able to accurately manage our debit orders and in turn have resulted in increased collections.

    • Credit card: Debtors can make use of our credit card facilities. This method affords them the opportunity to make use of their budget facility and settle their debt in full with our client. The advantage of this payment method is that the debtor doesn’t incur unnecessary collection costs or interest on a monthly payment arrangement.
    • Direct deposits:  Debtors also have the option of making a direct deposit into our FNB Trust account.
    • EasyPay payment solution: All debtors handled by Debt Tec now have the option of paying their account through anyone of the EasyPay pay-points that include national outlets such as Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Lewis, Easypay’s website and many more.

All deposits from debtors are made into a trust account as stipulated by the Debt Collectors Act of 1998 (Act No. 114 of 1998)

Default listings

Debtors who fail to make payment on their outstanding debt or default on any payment arrangement will result in their name being entered on a National Credit Database as a bad payer. This will result in preventing them from obtaining future credit in South Africa, and adversely affect any credit facilities they currently enjoy.

Tracing facilities

We have a dedicated tracing team that utilizes a number of leading tracing products that include consumer bureaus and directories to locate individuals.


We believe when it comes to dealing with individuals the most cost effective legal rout is to obtain an emoluments attachment order against the debtor’s salary. Our attorneys specialize in obtaining emoluments attachment orders through the use of registered field agents. 

    • Capable field agents are used to visit debtors and obtain their signature on section 57/58 documents.
    • A Section 58 judgment is granted and an emoluments attachment order is issued simultaneously and implemented against the debtor’s salary.

Avoid a cash flow crisis let us manage your debtors!

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