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Commercial Debt Collection

Have you sold goods or services and still haven’t received payment on your invoice?

This is unfortunately becoming more and more common in today’s economic climate and can seriously affect your business.

We understand when dealing with commercial debt collection (Business-to-Business collections) the debts are larger than with consumer/individual debt and non-payment of large outstanding invoices can cripple a business.

We firmly believe that our collection process is just as effective with commercial collections and collect a large per cent of accounts in our Pre-legal department, reducing unnecessary legal costs.

Our Solution

Our Pre-legal team of skilled negotiators have been trained on commercial collections to quickly and effectively resolve matters amicably through persuasive communication techniques.

    • We act as mediators to quickly resolve any disputes.
    • We have a high rate of settlements through effective dispute resolution.
    • Each matter is evaluated on its merits before the most appropriate action is taken.

Legal Collection

Our in-house attorneys receive accounts through are debt management software making legal handovers fast and efficient.  All matters are first reviewed by an attorney and the debtor is then given a final courtesy call to resolve the matter.

    • Matters are first resolved by why of arbitration before instituting legal action.
    • Our attorneys are skilled settlement negotiators.
    • Experts in contract law and commercial litigation.


If it’s collectable, we will collect it!

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